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The Power Of Forgiveness

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Sometimes when someone hurts us the first thought that comes to mind is ‘I want revenge’.It’s not uncommon and perfectly normal for any human to think like that….But the very moment you think of revenge,you welcome negativity to rule your mind.Maybe you will have your revenge,but  meanwhile you will lose peace and health.When someone hurts an animal,the animal reacts immediately.If you being a human with stronger ability to think and analyze things will do the same…then there’s no difference.So to be a better human one needs to learn how to forgive.


To forgive the first thing we need to do is forget.Just forget whatever happened or whoever did something wrong with you.It needs immense inner strength to achieve that.In my case I never care if the other person will think I am weak or anything…the very moment someone does something wrong to me I stop thinking about that person and stop discussing about them…that helps me stay out of the unnecessary negative thoughts.In other words I forget and never try to take revenge.From where such strength comes?It comes from within me….If I am quite sure that I never thought or did anything wrong to that person,then I just let it go….I am a great believer of time and as time passes the one who did wrong will regret. 🙂


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“Allow your powerful mind to create the reality that Forgiveness is completely in your control and is one of the easiest thing  you can do to learn from past,live wisely in the future and  activate your well-being today.”


Allow your mind to be free of negative thoughts.Look at the positive aspect of every thing that happens.There’s always something positive but we just ignore it and think about the negatives.Stop doing that and create your own beautiful world,a world full of positivity.


“There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness” ~ Josh Billings
“The hatred you’re carrying is a live coal in your heart – far more damaging to yourself than to them.” ~ Lawana Blackwell



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